Business Card Design

Your business card may be small, but it is by no way insignificant. Its purpose is to help the people you give it to remember you and, hopefully, call you first when they need a service that you offer. It is a tiny piece of marketing material that needs to stand out amongst the other business cards which inevitably get collected and put together in a desk drawer somewhere.

Business cards by definition hold only a small amount of information about you and your business, but they need to reflect the nature of your business and provide all the necessary contact details so that someone can quickly and effortlessly get in touch.

  1. Make it clear what you do – Don’t give anyone a chance to forget what it is that you offer. Many people forget this when designing a business card. Even if your business name or logo makes the nature of your business pretty obvious, it is always good to add a strap line, especially if it cleverly outlines a benefit to the reader at the same time (see our article on copywriting).
  2. Clear design – Your contact information should be prominent and clear to read. Include your phone number (and fax if you have one), mobile number, email address and website. Never clutter your business card with too much information or an overcomplicated design. Its purpose, don’t forget, is just to remind people who you are and allow them to get in touch easily when they need to.
  3. Use both sides – It is often not very much more expensive to print on both sides and is wise to do so. It can be hard to comfortably fit all the information you need on the small space available and using both sides doubles your business card real estate.
  4. Always include your logo – You should include your logo on all your stationery to create a consistent brand image. If you are going for a double sided business card, it is often a good idea to dedicate one side to your logo, making it crisp and clear while allowing more space on the reverse for your contact information.
  5. Never print your own business cards – Yes, you can buy kits for printing your own business cards, but you should NEVER do so. The few pounds that you save could actually cost you in clients – people subconsciously make assessments of you by the appearance of your business card. If you print them yourself, they will look cheap and will reflect poorly on your business. It is always advisable to shop around for a good printing company– cheap is not always best, but that doesn’t mean that you have to pay over the odds either. And of course, your choice of stock is just as important as the printer: quality card with a gloss or matt lamination will really give the finishing touch to your card.

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